It’s been a month now since Hungry Travellers Cafe opened and what an incredible month its been. We have had several triumphs and setbacks all at time same time, but what we can say for sure that it is promising to be an exciting journey ahead. The cafe is our attempt to find a physical extension of this blog, of our love for food and travel, of our desire for building a community of travellers out to see this big, beautiful world of ours.

How did all this begin and what is the connection of the cafe with our fourth trip of the year you ask. Well, it was March that we discovered that this space is available for rent. We went, saw it, and on a whim decided to open our own travel cafe ! Next step was actually going about setting up the cafe, the decor, the menu and everything else that goes along with this. This was unchartered territory for us and your typical cafe food was not our strength. We wanted to showcase food from around India that we love, and we weren’t sure if a cafe was the best way to do this.

Nervous as hell, we planned a trip to Mumbai, to cafe hop and get some inspiration. Mumbai is almost a mecca for all kinds of restaurant concepts and trends, and we wanted to soak in everything we could. We made a list of several cafes which we hadn’t visited in the past and planned a super quick two day trip with one agenda only. Inspiration for our cafe. Along the way we discovered some gems. Beautiful, rustic, warm cafes which seem like they are almost opening up their hearts to you. Lovely, earthy food not limited to sandwiches and burgers. And well thought of concepts that really spoke to you.

We ate delicious mutton curry and rice in a cafe called The Bagel Shop. And we had a Lobster Roll at this quaint place called The Fable. We tried coffee and tea and all kinds of drinks and at the end of it all we realised one thing. There are no rules. There is no set formula that we can take back from Mumbai and implement in our cafe. We need to figure this out on our own. And trust our instincts.

We came back, both more and less confident all at the same time and got to work. Slowly things began falling into place. We set up wall art, figured out our lighting and set out on the long journey of deciding our menu. We are still a work in progress in a sense. Our menu will keep evolving, based on where we have been. But our core will remain the same. We hope to provide a space which is calming and invigorating at the same time. A space where you can meet like minded individuals. A space which welcomes you with open arms.

Welcome to the Hungry Travellers Cafe.



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