One thing about good food is that it is most often available on the streets of various cities across the world. It tells us heaps about local tastes, flavors and ingredients. Our favorite bit is the interaction with local people when they tell us why they eat what they eat ! Here are some of our favorite street food experiences from around the world.

1. Paneer Kulcha at Brother’s Dhaba, Amritsar.

If there is one place in India where you can see a whole lot of love on your plate, it is Amritsar. If you are in Amritsar, chances are you’re here for only two reasons – To pay your respects at the Golden Temple and to binge on all the heavenly delicacies available here. Among all, the crunchy Paneer Kulchas will leave you craving for more.



2. Chicken Rice at Tian Tian Hainanese, Singapore.

This staple dish of Singapore will capture you with its subtle flavours. Among the wide variety of food available, Chicken Rice (at only $5 per plate) will soon become your comfort food during your stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world.


3. Farggi Ham and Cheese Focaccia Sandwich at Le Ramblas, Barcelona.

We are not denying that one must go to Barcelona and try their Sangria, Tapas or Paella, but take our word on this one fantastic sandwich we gorged on while at Le Ramblas. It’s Fanástico.



4. Halal Cart on 34th Street & 8th Avenue, New York.

New York will overwhelm you with its wide variety of cuisines, but there is one small little Cart that captured our heart. We would visit this halal cart every single day, no jokes, most often in between our meals. Succelent kababs served with rice and a sauce. A must visit while in New York.


5. Bangers and Mash at Mancunian Christmas Fest, Manchester.

You cannot come to England and not have Bangers and Mash, come on. It is what England is all about, sausages and mashed potatoes. Yeah yeah the Londoners will beg to defer and call Fish ‘n’ Chips their staple, but you just have to try this one out, especially the ones cooked by locals during Christmas fests.


6. Doner Kabab in the City Center, Istanbul.

Chances are you will see Doner Kabab everywhere you go in Turkey.So why not go grab a bite.


7. Creepy Crawlies along the streets, Bangkok.

You get a variety of eating options, living and dead, on the streets of Bangkok. Love it or hate it, but you just can’t ignore it. I remember seeing an Ox Tongue being served and thinking to myself “wait a minute ! who’s going to be tasting whom?”. Well, if I were you and really wanted to be adventurous and try something new, I would bite into something that doesn’t bite back !


8. Nizam Kathi Rolls, Kolkata.

So the story goes something like this. During the British rule, the British babus were very finicky about hygiene and cleanliness and did not like touching those delicious Kababs directly with their fingers. On that note, Nizams started wrapping them in a Bread and serving it to the Britishers. This began the revolution of wraps and rolls in India they say, and that is how the Kathi Roll was invented !


9. Smoked Pork Ribs at Naughty Nuri’s, Ubud.

This is our favourite meal of the lot. It deserves a special mention. Anthony Bourdaine too has written an article about this place which has got covered in the New York Times. No matter how much we praise this place, one needs to try it out to know what’s in store.


10. Nutella waffles at Illy Café, Mykonos.

Mykonos will charm you with an overload white and blue. But there will be nothing more soothing than this chocolate brown Nutella Waffle among the picturesque setting of Mykonos.


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