This is a post about a very special bond. That it was also our trip number six of 2018 is merely coincidental.

In May of this year my parents celebrated their 35th anniversary, and although we had planned a proper family holiday to celebrate in August (the Singapore trip we just came back from incidentally), we decided to do a small two day getaway to Mysore to show Kabir his beloved Appu aka Elephant.

The two days we spent there were special not because of the zoo, the Railway museum, the swimming or any other activity that we did there. It was special because of how happy my parents and Kabir were to simply spend two days together.


There is something to say about the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild. I read somewhere that a grandparent and grandchild have the same chi or ‘life force’ and that’s why they connect on so many levels. Both thrive in this positive life force and are truly feeling each minute they spend together. Each activity done together is enjoyed for what it is. Rules are bent, games are played and a bond is created.

I was recently reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, and to be honest all I could think about was Kabir. Or any toddler for that matter. They are so busy living and loving each moment, they have no time to obsess over the million reasons we find to be preoccupied. And when I see him with his grandparents, it is the same feeling. Knowingly or unknowingly they have also relearnt this lost skill even if its only in his company.

Sometimes when you look at them together, you wish you also had this ability to just live in the now. The ability to be truly present in every moment. In this age of screens and gadgets and us wanting to do everything possible in a day, sometimes it is important to spend hours just colouring, or bird watching on the terrace or even just chatting about inane things together. Grandparents provide the balance to the always-hurried parent of today, and we are truly thankful that we have two such balancing forces in our lives on a daily basis.


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