If you have been following our journey you would know that in 2018 we had challenged ourselves to do 12 trips in 12 months. Not only did we achieve it, it will forever be the year that is the benchmark for all years to come.  From France to New York, Kochi to Coorg, we covered various destinations, near and far which opened our minds and filled our hearts. 

I have been on the lookout for a while now for a way to capture last year in a snapshot, something we can look at without pulling out the laptop and hard disk and all the million wires associated with it ! So when Zoomin reached out to us and told us about their products it was almost God sent ! 

Zoomin basically helps you preserve your picture and memories in various forms. Books, Tags, Mugs, Frames etc. We chose to capture 2018 in a small photobook. The size is adorable ! Big enough to see the pictures clearly and small enough to store and carry without any stress. You can customize pretty much everything ! The cover, the photo placement, text placement, and even the texture of the pages ! And of course we also chose the bag tag ! The best part ? We could customise this as well and put our logo on it !

If you are looking for a one stop shop for good quality prints in various forms, look no further. Zoomin is your best bet ! And we have great offer for you this entire month ! Get a free softcover photobook (5.5″ with 20 pages) or Rs. 279 off on all photobooks. Just use the coupon code TRAVEL on the zoomin website. So what you waiting for ? Click here and get zoomin!